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At the end of a very exciting year for me and my weartested-blog, I’d like to first of all thank all of the visitors and readers in 2009. I’m still excited every time I have a look at the stats and see how many people visit this site on a daily basis. Without you, many possibilities I had during that year simply wouldn’t have happened.

Also a special thank you goes to the editors of Slap Magazine, Sneakers Magazine and Place Skateboarding Magazine that gave me the possibility to have access to a broader audience and see articles of me printed in  real magazines. And last but not least thank you to the brands that supported me in 2009 with test samples that allowed me to make this site even more up to date and interesting.

With the new decade starting in a few days, there will be some changes regarding weartested that I’m very excited about. Check back in 2010 for a new look, home and information about the upcoming reviews in the first quarter of the new year.

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