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19.91 Denim

“No gimmicks. We’re not here for the show. Skateboarding denim designed by skateboarders for skateboarders.”

These words have held down the fine-tuned execution of skateboarding’s newest denim company, 19.91 denim. In a time of big corporate goliaths entering and dominating the skateboard industry, it is a huge risk for a young David to start something new. However, there is a niche in the skateboard bubble where smaller and independent brands can be successful, which presents opportunities to those skaters who nosedive in with more passion than planning. This exact attitude represents the rawness that skaters can and will easily relate to. But if you can harness that raw attitude and balance it with the planning that many big brands will execute, you will have one hell of a skate brand gem. With that in mind, 19.91 Denim has locked down their product quality, introduced a small product portfolio and introduced their iconic designs. These are the foundations of a successful brand in skateboarding.
From baggy pants to shoelace belts, styles come and go quickly in skateboarding fashion. Chino pants and cargos are trendy at the moment, but a pair of denim jeans will always have a spot in skateboarding fashion. 19.91 Denim, a European brand, fills that spot by introducing a line stylish and functional jeans made from the highest possible quality material with an exceptional eye for detail. We were lucky to get our hands on a pair of 19.91 Denim jeans and felt necessary to introduce a review of their fine quality and attention to detail with our readers.


When it comes to making jeans, the quality of the material is the main ingredient. 19.91 Denim uses a denim material, called Warp 19®, which is much stronger than most materials and is constructed to stretch horizontally with your movement. This provides the advantage of comfort but also ensures more freedom in your movement. The jeans are made out of denim, which is 3X1 traditional twill construction with 99% cotton 1% elastane. When you test apparel products, there are two major criteria.

19.91 Denim

The first major criteria is comfort. With jeans, comfort can be subjective as some people say it develops over time, however, a good pair of jeans will be comfortable right away. It’s similar to breaking in a skateboard shoe. Although the saying “fresh out of the box” is used for shoes, the concept can be applied for a pair of denim jeans as well. The high quality material that 19.91 Denim uses does not need to be broken in since the flexibility and softness of the jeans can be felt right away. This comfort does not decrease over time but maintains consistency.

The second criteria is durability. Again, like a skate shoe, durability can’t be qualitatively measured with the first session, and its durability is also open to subjectivity depending on the type of skating done. For jeans, it’s no doubt that a stair or handrail skater will rip a pair of pants faster that someone who skates flat ground and ledges. In addition, a true durability test on a pair of jeans, or any pants, can only be demonstrated over time. We tested the 19.91 Denim jeans for over half a year and our testers skated all different types of terrain. From high impact skating with ass-sliding bails, to chilled out flat ground seshes, the high quality material of the jeans proved to only give away to show minor signs of wear.


19.91 Denim has a small portfolio but it offers the key fits and colors. The types of fits are quite self-explanatory: they have The Slim, The Standard, The Big Standard and The Loose. When it comes to pants and especially the fit of jeans, it is important that the material doesn’t become loose and the fit stays the same. In the case of 19.91 Denim, it was a clear sign that the maintenance of the fit was due to the high product quality. Once you’ve found the right fit for you, it will maintain that exact fit over time. The color ways also stay true to a classic denim look.

Product details
The small product details in the 19.91 Denim jeans show the freedom of making your own decisions to tailor your product, and a dedicated focus on product quality.

18mm button:
The cast in one piece is made out of zinc aluminium magnesium copper in the shape of a bearing.

19.91 Denim

The 5th pocket:
The 5th pocket was originally introduced for matches but it works for tobacco and a smart phone as well.

9mm rivet:
A 9mm steel washer aluminium nail has a special shape to give maximum strength but stays very flat and does not stick out.

19.91 Denim

The 19.91 spade pocket:
A lined pocket increases strength, durability and longevity.

19.91 denim


There’s no doubt that supporting smaller brands in this industry is important to us. But when it comes to 19.91 Denim, we are positive that the attention to detail, product quality, and experience from the owners will ensure a long successful journey for the company. If you get the chance to try out a pair at your local shop, you will not regret it.


Where to get:

Lookwood (Belgium)


Streetlab (Sweden)


Empire (France)


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