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Bright January 2013 recap, part II

We continue with the highlights of the DC, Vans and Emerica lines for fall 2013. Check out part I here.


After its hiatus in mediocrety in recent years and after probably the best footwear-brand-comback ever, DC keeps going strong. New models for fall 13 include Nyjah Huston’s first signature style, a solid cupsole that keeps it simple, but doesn’t look boring. Wes Kremer will receive a pro model as well (not pictured) that is vulcanised and nothing too exciting. The key styles of the DC line, the Cole Lite S, the recently released and soon to be reviewed Mike Mo, as well as the Mikey Taylor model got dipped in color and will come for example in fresh blue/yellow combos. Overall DC’s line features a lot of cupsole models, a noticeable trend for 2013.

DSC_1356The Cole lite S (top) and the new Nyjah Huston pro model (bottom).

DSC_1355The Mike Mo Capaldi signature shoe in some bold colorways.


Vans exhibited two of the trade show’s personal highlights, the Alien Workshop collaboration and the Chima Ferguson pro model. Additionally they presented Old Skools colored by Tyler the Creator infront of a larger-than-life wall print. Overall they will offer a more than solid line-up with revised classics and new silhouettes. The apparel looked very appealing as well with the upcoming AVE denim that is “made in USA” as the flagship of the collection.

DSC_1374Alien Workshop teamed up with Vans for a capsule collection. Dill’s Chukka boot features a tiny alien pattern and looks amazing.

DSC_1372Not sure who this guy is, but he colored some Old Skools for Vans.


DSC_1398The Chima Ferguson pro model. They are mostly canvas, but it’s TPU reinforced, which will improve durability up to usual skate shoe life time. The navy one is a personal favourite.


Not sure what happened, but Emerica is doing things right lately. Both new Andrew Reynolds models, the high-top dropping in spring and the low in fall, are bullet-prof gap killers that seem highly capable of taking a beating. The Colin Provost model (not pictured) looks like a Reynolds Cruiser on first sight, but has a few smart features under the hood aka in the sole. The Heritic on the other hand is straight forward technical, but it’s still wrapped into a subtle design. The sole seemed a little stiff and bulky though. Breathability seems to be the new boundary to push for many brands, and Emerica is definitely at the peak of this new trend with the G6, the Reynolds and also the Heritic at first sight.


The Reynolds high-top, release is sceduled for spring 2013.

DSC_1385The new Heritic


The Reynolds low, fall 2013

Other Highlights:

Sweet Skateboards from Sweden had a booth with pick-and-mix candy and well-designed board graphics, you don’t need that much more.


For more behind the scenes pictures, the Nike SB 10 years exhibition opening as well as pictures of the “House of VANS” party, have a look at our Facebook page or follow us on Instagram (@weartested).

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