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Bright Tradeshow 2014

Without many words – enjoy the slideshow of the newest shoes presented at the Summer 2014 Bright Tradeshow.

Adidas Busenitz Boost

adidas skateboarding ADV Boost

Adidas Busenitz Boost II

adidas skateboarding ADV Boost

Adidas Lucas

adidas skateboarding Lucas Puig

Adidas Villemin

adidas skateboarding Lem Villemin Seeley


C1rca Carlin

C1rca Jimmy Carlin

C1rca Gravette

C1rca David Gravette


Dekline Bennett

Dekline Matt Bennet



HUF Overview

HUF Dylan

HUF Dylan


Etnies Jameson Line

Etnies Jameson E Lite


Emerica Figueroa

Emerica Justin Figueroa


Supra Crown

Supra Crown


Lakai Marc

Lakai Marc

Lakai Guy

Lakai Guy

Lakai DQM Line

Lakai DQM collaboration

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