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DC Lynx S

High quality pdf: DC Lynx S WeartestedDC Lynx S Weartested


Throughout the course of their history, DC Shoes has released a plethora of iconic models that have each defined a period in skateboarding. One of those models, or THE model is the DC Lynx. The Lynx is inseparably connected to Love Park and Josh Kalis, who even called it “DC´s most iconic skateshoe“, and backed by heavy hitting skaters like Stevie Williams, Brian Wenning, AVE and Chris Cole. Still, if you checked out the best selling shoes now and compared it today’s standards, the classic Lynx would inevitably rot on skateshop-shelves around the world. However, celebrating their 20-year anniversary, DC decided to give the Lynx model a reconstructive facelift that fits with modern standards without losing its iconic silhouette. Whether this facelift actually succeeded is something we skated to find out.



The DC Lynx S fits true to size.


The original DC Lynx featured seams all over the shoe, especially in the frontal and lateral areas. However, DC´s designers decided to go with today’s standard and refitted the Lynx with a seamless toe-box. The stitching is purely for aesthetics; it imitates the original design of the shoe and provides set-up points when hitting flip-tricks. DC´s Super Suede once again proves that it’s no gimmick. Durability is above average and surely one of the strengths of this model. Its iconic lacing system remains the same, so don’t trip on ripped laces. The sole’s sidewalls proved to be stable and durable, with hardly any wear after our 10h testing time, much like the bottom sole as well.

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As a cupsole model, the Lynx S features fantastic cushioning, much better than your average cupsole. As shown in our cut, the sole in the heel area is rather thick with a hex-pattern, protecting your foot from harsh impacts, as well as a thickly supported middle area. This in combination with the insole provides ideal skating comfort.



The silhouette of the new DC Lynx S is rather wide but still cut snugly to the foot. This is due to the implementation of a padded tongue and shoe-in-shoe technology. The toe box’s shape combined with grippy suede makes for precise flip-tricks.


Boardfeel and grip

Many cupsole models improve their grip after some wear, mostly due to the increasing flex of their soles. The Lynx S provides average grip during the initial period of skating, improves over time but fails to reach its potential unlike other cupsole models and vulcanized models. Boardfeel is surprisingly good, especially due to the thin sole in the toe-area and the increasing flex of the outsole in general.


Comfort and stability

Thanks to the cozy construction on the inside and the shoe’s impeccable ventilation, your feet will feel at home in the DC Lynx S. It features shoe-in-shoe technology, which means the inner part of the shoe is similar to a sock without seams, and helps fit the shoe snug to your feet. Mesh material, perforations and a mesh tongue improve ventilation and prevent heat accumulation. The weight of the Lynx S is slightly above average for modern standards, but hardly noticeable. Stability is great as well, despite the shoe’s low profile feature. The great fit and shape stability provide a great low-profile cupsole choice.


The DC Lynx S is a modern cupsole model which excels in terms of stability and durability. Minor flaws like average grip are smoothed out by the shoe’s excellent comfort.

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