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HUF Galaxy

High quality pdf: HUF Galaxy Weartested

HUF Galaxy Weartested

HUF has grown out of the former shop in San Francisco and has earned their stripes in the skateboard world; not only with their clothes, but also with a shoe collection. Not only the brand grows from year to year, but also the team that has been expanded with the likes of Austyn Gillette and Dylan Rieder last year. Thus, HUF has released several new models in 2014, including the Galaxy. The Galaxy fits with its simple design perfectly in the balanced shoe collection from HUF as well as to the style of the team riders. We have tested the shoe to find out how it skates.



The HUF Galaxy fits true size.


The toecap of the HUF Galaxy is made out of one suede piece, which helps to increase the durability in this area. The transition from the toecap to the lateral area is held together by a solid seam that is stitched from the inside. Thus, the seam holds up really well und there are no signs of holes in this usually critical zone. Therefore, the shoe offers almost no targets for abrasion and the suede contributes to the good durability as well. The perforated “H” can be highlighted as a successful design element. It is important for the design of the shoe and yet offers no possibility for abrasion, making it stylish and practical. The lateral outsole is very thick, thus increasing the durability, significantly in the kickflip area. Unfortunately, the longevity of the bottom sole is average. Although the sole pattern are coarse designed, it showed after 10 hours testing bare areas, whereby it is assumable the grip will decrease with further use.

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The cushioning of vulcanized soles are known for not being as good as the likes of cupsoles. The HUF Galaxy confirms this, but possesses nevertheless a sufficient balance between cushioning and board feel. As seen in the cross-section, the heel area is slightly thicker than the toe area. The honeycomb structure around the heel creates a cushioning effect, so to speak, a “crumple zone”. However, since it is not so high it can only absorb impacts up to a certain degree. In addition, the sockliner also creates a slightly absorbing feeling.



The HUF Galaxy has a slim silhouette. Due to the narrow cut of the shoe, it moulds very close to the foot, which creates a direct contact with the board. The slim side panels taper from the front third to a rounded point. The model provides a very good flick and flip tricks can be controlled with ease through the direct contact between board and shoe as well as the tapered shape.


Boardfeel and grip

Overall, the Galaxy has a rather low height difference from the heel to the toe cap area. The sole design is very thin in the first third, making it possible for a direct, sufficient board feeling. In addition, the entire sole is extremely flexible, allowing it to adapt well to the concave.  A flexible sole typically improves the grip of the shoe. This stands true to the HUF Galaxy. The model has a balanced grip without sticking too much to the griptape. As already mentioned in the durability chapter, the bottom of the sole is showing signs of abrasion but the grip has not been as affected as first suspected. However, it is likely that the grip will decrease with further use.


Comfort and stability

The good grip and the slim silhouette are very comfortable. Since the shoe, especially in the heel area, fits very close to the foot it creates a comfortable fit. The nearly seam-free interior in combination with a good overall quality, further enhances comfort. Weight and ventilation are not strengths of HUF Galaxy, but they are also not considered as weaknesses. The weight is for a vulcanized shoe in midfield. Although the shoe has two ventilation holes, it is not enough that the warm air can circulate from inside to outside. Additionally, a high-cut heel makes sure that the shoe fits close to the foot. This also increases the stability and results in a secure feeling. The shape stability has been recognized as very positive. The forefoot is reinforced with additional seams, thus the suede gets no waves and keeps its form. The side panels and the heel have also kept their stiffness over the test period of 10 hours.


The HUF Galaxy proves that a skate shoe does not have to be unnecessarily complicated. Apart from minor weaknesses such as the durability of the sole patterns and rather average cushioning, the Galaxy is completely convincing, particularly through its general durability, its flick and very good form stability.

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