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Levis Skateboarding Collection Checkout SS16

It has been a while since our last post about Levi’s Skateboarding collection, and we must say, this past year Levi’s has done a lot for the skateboarding community that shouldn’t go unnoticed. Their marketing has been targeted on making effective mini documentaries that showcase skateboarding in developing communities on an international level. Check out their latest project from Christchurch.

It’s no question that these documentaries on developing youth communities seem to stray away from skateboarding jeans, but Levi’s has find the right way to tie their product in with their marketing with their Strong Made Stronger slogan.

Shoes and hardware are the most important pieces of equipment for skateboarding. However, the importance of jeans and chino pants are often forgotten for they attribute a huge influence to skateboarding as well. Some skaters prefer tighter jeans to have a full visible field of the deck, while others prefer pants that are wider for maximum flexibility. Everyone has personal preferences but durable jeans and comfortable chino pants have been the staples of skateboarding fashion for over two decades.

Realizing this, it was a no-brainer for Levi’s to branch into the skateboarding scene and build a line of jeans specifically adapted for skateboarding. Thus, they took classical styles like the 513 or 511 and reinforced/redesigned them for skateboarding with a special focus on durability and comfort. Levis heavily incorporated two fabrics into their skateboarding collection. The first one of which is called Cordura, which successfully mimics the feeling of a classic jean fabric but has better abrasion resistance characteristics. The second one is called Lycra. This fabric offers more flexibility while retaining its strength and also has better breathability.

Check out the feature and support your local skatehsop like ARROW&BEAST and get some Levis Skateboarding stuff.

Crew Neck Sweatshirt

1U0B9877 1U0B9884

2 Pack T-Shirt

1U0B9892 1U0B9893



L/S Football Shirt



511 Pant

1U0B9904 1U0B99081U0B9910


2 Pack T-Shirt, Reform Shirt, 511


2 Pack T-Shirt



Crew Neck Sweatshirt, 513


L/S Football Shirt, 511


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