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Nike SB Lunar Oneshot weartest in Berlin

During the last week I was fortunate to skate a pair of Nike SB’s newest model. The guys at Nike SB invited me to the European weartest event of the Lunar Oneshot in Berlin to gain some more information about the model and of course, skate it. The following pictures are intended to give you a small glimpse of what went down last Tuesday.


DSC_0679The European and German Nike SB guys did a small presentation about the Shelter, the brand new skate park in Berlin. Together with California Skateparks they were able to built an state-of-the-art indoor street course. The actual presentation about the Lunar Oneshot was short but very informative. Since everybody was hyped to try the shoe and with the street course in the background it was a good mix about information and actual skating.

DSC_0649Presentation about the Nike SB Shelter.

DSC_0658The design inspiration of the Lunar Oneshot is minimalism, so there are less vulnerable spots and it is supposed to increase the durability.

DSC_0659Especially the adaptive fit as well as the flexibility and the grip of the sole are after the first impression very good balanced.

DSC_0676There was a good mix between media and shop owners from all over Europe.

DSC_0685Everybody wanted to try the new skate park and the shoe, so the session was intense.

DSC_0688All in all it was a nice weartest day that was totally worth the journey! The additional information about the Lunar Oneshot will make the upcoming review a lot more interesting. Expect the review soon in Monster Skateboard Magazine for our German readers and then we are publishing an English version on weartested.

Thanks again to Oli Tielsch, Veith Kilberth and Bjorn for the great event and for inviting me, I had a great time and I really appreciate the support. 

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