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“One day with…the Nike SB Zoom FP”

As already announced in my last post about the Amsterdam weartest, I was working on a small review about Nike SB FP . It turned out to be a bit longer than the average “One day with…” review, but due to the many features I decided that the FP deserves it. Thanks again to Kaspar, Bjorn and Agra of Nike SB Europe for the samples and to Shawn Carboy of Nike SB for the additional background information and pictures.

-The idea of the “One day with…” reviews-

As most of you know, it takes around 3 sessions to decide wether or not you like a skate shoe. Based on that observation, I came up with the idea of a shorter review format that focuses on just the first 5 hours of skating in a new shoe. These shorter reviews – about the first few hours, where almost all quantities and malfunctions of a shoe appear or at least can be foreseen – will be more compressed and on point, but still as objective as possible.

High quality PDF file: Nike SB FP review

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  • Bigfoot
    December 17, 2010

    Fantastic review!
    After skating a pair of veloces I gave up on Nike SB cupsoles but they have piqued my curiosity yet again.

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