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Supra AVEX weartest in Barcelona

Well, we all have to admit it: in the wake of Lil Wayne shoe lines, questionable collaborations and weird music „celebrities“ endorsing Supra, its easy to forget its skateboarding roots. Supra uses its hype to support skateboarding as much as they can, and who could refuse the offer to be flown to Barcelona in the middle of European winter to test some new shoes?

Then again this shouldn’t come too surprising since they have an amazing lineup of models like the Cuba, Pistol, Stacks, Hammer and Ellington which are quite popular. But still, all those models have been out for some time. Supra realized that and put quite some work into a new team model, the Avex.

The initial plan was to weartest the shoe at the new Les Corts Skatepark but we had the amazing luck to catch one of the few days with rain. After some phone calls, a quick decision was made: the weartest would happen at the Nevermind, an infamous skateboard bar with cheap beer and a concrete pool in it. It was surreal seeing a large group of people holding their boards walk through Barcelona, all wearing the same shoe.  Arriving at the bar, most people chose to test the grippiness of the shoe by spilling beer on it and doing weird dance moves, whilst Oscar Candon, Arthur Derrien and others ripped the tiny and really tough to skate pool. The shoes performed stellar, hardly anybody fell down and everybody loved the look of it. Also, it was quite obvious that even though they are a rather tech inspired model, they are skateable right out of the box.

Since we stayed a little longer, we straight up tested the shoe on the streets, and it performed quite good as expected. Stay tuned for the full weartested review coming early in 2015!


IMG_4301 IMG_4295-2 IMG_4286-2 IMG_4269-2 IMG_4263-2 IMG_4254 IMG_4250 IMG_4243


Text and photos: Stefan Lind (

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