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Levis Skateboarding Collection Checkout FW16

For the Fall/Winter 2016 Levi’s Skateboarding Collection, the team over at Levi’s combined their traditional collection with military design aesthetic inspired by the Engineers who helped construct and transform our hometown of San Francisco.

The Army Corps of Engineers is an organization providing engineering solutions to customers worldwide. Levi’s saw commons roots of the engineer’s work wear and skateboarding, because both worlds need garments that are simple, purposeful and be durable. All attributes apply perfectly to the needs of today’s skateboarder.



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Several pieces from the previous collections have returned in new materials and colorways. The Cargo Pant returns this season, but instead of cheetah print, it comes in classic corduroy. The Football T returns in black and black/forest green. The Fleece Crew Neck Sweatshirt, which has been in the line since the inception, returns in a forest green and the Classic Work Shirt is now available in a chambray. Also the beloved 2 Pack T is again in the collection spreading over the skateparks  globally since it is one of everyone’ favourites in the collection.

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Shoes and hardware are the most important pieces of equipment for skateboarding. However, the importance of jeans and chino pants are often forgotten for they attribute a huge influence to skateboarding as well. Some skaters prefer tighter jeans to have a full visible field of the deck, while others prefer pants that are wider for maximum flexibility. Everyone has personal preferences but durable jeans and comfortable chino pants have been the staples of skateboarding fashion for over two decades. The 511™, 513™, and 504™ jeans all return, as does the Work Pant. Season after season these pants offer mobility and durability that can’t be matched by any other pant in skateboarding. Levis heavily incorporated two fabrics into their skateboarding collection. The first one of which is called Cordura, which successfully mimics the feeling of a classic jean fabric but has better abrasion resistance characteristics. The second one is called Lycra. This fabric offers more flexibility while retaining its strength and also has better breathability.



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The headliner for the season is the Pile jacket – the perfect piece to keep you warm this fall and it perfectly shows the similarities of the Army Corps of Engineers and skateboarders.bildschirmfoto-2016-11-27-um-16-55-20 bildschirmfoto-2016-11-27-um-16-55-10 bildschirmfoto-2016-11-27-um-16-55-00

Watch Marius Syvanen, Josh Matthews, Al Partanen and Dan Plunkett as they test out the new collection during a recent trip to Puerto Peñasco, Mexico, to help the skaters in this small costal city build a world-class skate park.









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