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Nike SB Lunar Oneshot

High Quality PDF file: Nike SB Lunar Oneshot – weartested

Nike SB Lunar Oneshot - weartested

Nike SB Lunar Oneshot

When Nike entered skateboarding back in 2002 (again), they mainly focused on popular yet classic designs such as the Dunk, and adapted them for skateboarding. Afterwards, the footwear innovations started, and technical models with fancy features like the Zoom Tre or Zoom FP started popping up in Thrasher and CCS catalogs. But despite these innovative features, the skate scene lolled around, and didn’t really eat them up. The Lunar Oneshot is here to change that. Minimalism might be the first thing that comes to mind, but once we dug deeper, a whole bag of technical features were found. We had the pleasure of testing the Lunar Oneshot; lets find out what the hype is about.



The Lunar Oneshot fits true to size.


The Lunar Oneshot consists of 2 parts, sewn together at the overlap from front foot area to sidewall. This is usually an obvious weak-spot, but not with the Oneshot. The seam is placed in a way so that the griptape hardly ever gets contact with it. The whole toe area itself was designed to avoid contact with griptape, and even when it does, there’s something new to combat it: the Nike SB Hyperscreen coating, a synthetic layer on the shoe that decreases abrasion and improves the durability of suede. Whilst this works perfectly in the kickflip area, the dreaded ollie hole couldn’t be averted. Still, the flick of this coating is outstanding. The middle and heel areas are stable and great, no complaints here. The sole is made out of Nike’s Lunarlon foam, which proved to be extremely durable with great grip.

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Generally speaking, cushioning is good. The aforementioned Lunarlon sole doesn´t only reduce weight, but also improves cushioning, even though it’s very thin in the toe-area. Boardfeel was clearly the victor over cushioning here. The sole gets thicker the further you get to the middle part of the shoe, greatly improving cushioning and creating a comfortable feel for the foot, but then gets thinner the further you get to the heel which meant less cushioning and impact support.



The Lunar Oneshot is cut very close to your foot; its slimly shaped silhouette ensures a tight and snug fit for the toes and frontfoot. However, the heel doesn´t feature any foam padding, which means it doesn´t fit perfectly to your heel and ankle. The pointy, but rounded tip gives you great control over your flick for flip tricks.


Boardfeel and grip

The thin sole construction in the frontal area, combined with incisions in the sole, create great boardfeel and also a very flexible sole that adapts to the foot’s concave extremely well. Grip was very consistent during the whole time of the test, nearly comparable to vulcanized models without being to „gooey“.


Comfort and stability

Nike SB always puts a lot of effort into designing comfortable shoes, and the Lunar Oneshot is no exception. The weight is a very positive element; thanks to the Lunarlon sole and the minimalistic design, this shoe feels extremely light. The shoe-in-shoe technology is another feature; hardly any seams can be found inside and the shoe fits very snug to your feet. The toe is fixed, too. Ventilation is another factor that improves comfort in a skate shoe. Although the Lunar Oneshot features two ventilation elements in the heel and the toe, they are only mediocre. Stability, on the other hand, was a very positive element. The shoe kept its shape during the whole 10h of testing.The heel is supported by plastic features, but the mesh inlays that are supposed to improve ventilation could be a potential weak spot for decreased stability over 10 hours of skating.


The Nike SB Lunar Oneshot is a shoe that uses innovative sole technology to create a great balance between cushioning, grip and boardfeel. Mediocre ventilation and slight durability problems in the ollie-area are balanced out by great stability and flick.


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