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Emerica Wino G6 Slip Cup

There’s a lot of players in this skate industry of ours. Companies enter the scene with flashy adverts and videos while others exit quietly with no remembrance of their team riders. There’s a lot of heritage and legacy brands as well, but many have faltered and are struggling to stay relevant. With this, it’s safe to say that despite all the flashy marketing companies seem to try and do to promote themselves, product is king and the cornerstone of a company’s success. Emerica has this dialed in, consistently putting out skate shoes made by and for, skaters. When we usually choose shoe models to review, we tend to go for the silhouettes that look more technical, or have a specific feature that we want to put to the test. When we saw the Emerica Wino G6 Slip Cup, we initially wanted to pass on it since it “seemed” to be a basic slip on. But when we got our hands on a pair, we looked closer and realized that it’s actually a slip on with a stable capsule construction; which is something very rare to come across and definitely captured our attention. With this shoe, Emerica is once again proving that they fully understand the skater’s aesthetic and technical needs. Read on below to see how this slip-on model performed and if the best of both worlds (vulc and cupsole) were married perfectly.


The Emerica Wino G6 Slip Cup fits true to size.


We evaluated the durability of the Wino G6 Slip Cup by examining both the sole and the upper. Starting with the upper, it features a minimalist design which leaves very little space for seams or material to rip in the critical forefoot area. In our 10-hour wear test, the main upper panel showed almost no signs of wear. However, the seams connecting the forefoot panel with the heel panel, including the lining, ripped on the upper.

When it came to the sole, which is the key player of the shoe’s overall durability. The thick outsole side areas provided protection for the toe area, and the durability was good, despite some signs of wear in the kickflip area.

Emerica Wino G6 Slip Cup


The Wino G6 Slip Cup excels in cushioning performance, making it one of the model’s key technical highlights. The shoe’s polyurethane cushioning material is poured into the cupsole, resulting in a sole construction that consists of a thin outsole, G6 cushioning foam, and a sockliner. The cushioning is designed to be slightly thinner in the front for better boardfeel, while the thicker layer in the heel protects against heel bruises. Additionally, the shoe comes with a removable insole that provides an added dampening effect. As a result, the Wino G6 Slip Cup is not only recommended for low-impact skating, but also for tougher landings, as it effectively cushions falls.

Emerica Wino G6 Slip Cup


The shape and silhouette of the Wino G6 Slip Cup is very streamlined. The upper pattern feels tight and close around the feet, but all designs maintain their classic Emerica Wino look.

Emerica Wino G6 Slip Cup


When we reviewed Spanky’s KSL G6 shoe, which has a similar sole construction as the Wino Slip Cup, we criticized its boardfeel and grip. However, when we skated in the Wino G6 Slip Cup, we were impressed. The boardfeel and grip were comparable to those of a vulcanized shoe, thanks to a different upper construction, compared to the KSL G6. The shoe’s extremely simple upper combined with the advanced sole construction provided more flexibility for the shoe to lay into the concave of the board and maintain a larger surface area in contact with the griptape.

Emerica Wino G6 Slip Cup


The Emerica Wino G6 Slip Cup offers average comfort and stability. Let’s start with the positive aspects: the shoe’s well-designed straps and pattern make it easy to step into, and the padding in the heel area feels great due to a careful selection of materials. However, the shoe lacks ventilation to allow hot air from the feet to escape. After skating in the heat, those who easily get sweaty feet will find it hard to keep the shoes on for a long time since the suede absorbs some of the sweat.

The Wino G6 Slip Cup fits snugly to the feet, providing a secure feel with no slipping, but its thin upper construction and materials offers only minor protection. Despite this, the shoe keeps its shape very well and the cupsole construction helps to create very stable feeling for a slip-on model.

Emerica Wino G6 Slip Cup


The Wino G6 Slip Cup strikes a great balance between boardfeel and cushioning, and its cupsole construction is solidifying its place as one of the most stable slip-on shoes in the market. Durability could be enhanced, and it can’t be matched with a full-on cupsole shoe, but is a great offering for those who want an aesthetically minimal looking shoe that can handle wear and tear.

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