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Update III and a teaser….

My pair of Adidas Campus vulc after 25 hours of skating, they have a hole through the whole upper now: …and the traditional teaser pic. Expect the Adidas Campus vulc review real soon…. Please keep voting for weartested at Commwars!

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Update II: Adidas Campus vulc

Here’s my pair of Adidas Campus vulc after 16 hours of skating: Because of multiple reasons the review will take more time than expected, please be patient.

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Update: Adidas Campus vulc

My pair of Adidas Campus vulc after around 10 hours of skating: The review is in the works, but I can’t tell you a release date yet .

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Nike SB Tre A.D. laces got updated?

I just saw that the newest Tre A.D., the one that just came out for december, has different laces than the ones I tested. Although I don’t know if they just printed “Kevlar” on for marketing reasons or actually improved the kevlar string and made them more durable, I think it is worth sharing. UPDATE:…

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Adidas Campus vulc

This will be the next test subject on weartested:

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The three Stripes are next…

Yes, I’ll switch brands: The next review project will be about an Adidas Skateboarding shoe. They are on its way right now, I’ll post pics when they arrive so you know what subject you can expect next to be reviewed on weartested.

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Nike SB Blazer

Here’s the redone Nike SB Blazer review. It was one of my first attempts to describe why a skate shoe is made good/bad in a certain area by having a close look at its design and workmanship and by skating it as long as possible. The PDF file: blazer-sb-review-v2

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Next up: Nike SB Blazer

The Blazer review will be rereleased on this site soon. Improved text and maybe a few new pics are in the works right now. And to continue the tradition, here’s a teaser pic…

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The Nike SB Tre A.D. review will be posted next week, keep checking this site for the update. In the meantime enjoy this teaser picture:

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