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One week with…the Lakai Guy XLK

Once more long overdue, I finally had some extra time between writing reviews for Place Magazine, university duties and actual skating to finish the Lakai Guy XLK review. Thanks a lot Kelly Bird at Lakai footwear for providing the test samples. Readers who follow my site on a regular basis might notice that I changed the name of the short term reviews from “one day with…” to “one week with…”. The reason for that is that I realised that almost nobody – including me- skates 5 hours a day, so it made sense to change the name.

-The idea of the “One week with…” reviews-

As most of you know, it takes around 3 sessions to decide wether or not you like a skate shoe. Based on that observation, I came up with the idea of a shorter review format that focuses on just the first 5 hours of skating in a new shoe. These shorter reviews – about the first few hours, where almost all quantities and malfunctions of a shoe appear or at least can be foreseen – will be more compressed and on point, but still as objective as possible.

PDF file: One week with the Lakai Guy XLK low


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