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Vans Kyle Walker Pro Wear Test

The day was a fucking success! That how the kids describe the first Wear Test Event organized by Edan from Weartested. 

The day’s event was split up into three different stops, each one related to a technology of the shoe.

The 1st stop: Duracap Test

We tested out the durability, grip and comfort of the shoe by having a small competition to see who could do 25 kickflips first. Followed by interviews everyone who entered the contest on their reaction to the duracap, durability and grip out of the box feeling and etc.

DSC_8404 BrianKleiberBlunt2 JayMeadorOllie Takeshi VermontMikeNollieHeel AnsenWang2

The 2nd stop: Wafflecup Construction Test

The second stop was at a hubba and 5 stair. Our focus was to test out the boardfeel of the shoe, it’s medium impact cushioning, stability and comfort. Any trick that was landed we gave money to! 

ZZY FrontsideBluntside BrianKleiberSwitchBacksideBoardslide2 JayMeadorFrontsideNoseblunt2 SunKunKun Heelflip DSC_8686 JensBacksideHeelflip JayMeadorNoComplyTreflip DSC_8689

The 3rd stop: Bingjiang 13 stair

The last stop was the “Bingjiang 13 stair”. This was the Ultracush HD test. Our focus here was to test out high-impact cushioning, boardfeel, stability and comfort. Anyone who ollied it got cash, any other trick landed was given double We landed the ollie, frontside 180, tre-flip and hardflip.

JensLazerDoubleHeel3 SunKunKunOllie DSC_8740 JensDoubleLazerHeel2 RandomKidBackside180 XuZhao TreFlip DSC_8829

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