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Weartested Awards 2017 – Best Durability

Emerica Reynolds G6



There’s no doubt about it, the Emerica Higher Quality slogan resonates strongly when it comes to durability; the durability of the shoe remained very good all throughout our ten hours of skating. The toe area of the shoe was the most impressive. Although there were a lot of attacks points from grip tape, the construction of the toe featured not only double stitching around the toe panel, but also a thermal welded hot melt that helped bond the panels together. Even with a few points of stitching torn apart, the hot melt ensured that the toe held it’s structure and durability throughout our weartest. The sidewalls didn’t have much wear to them, which happens a lot with other shoes from ollies and heelflips. The sole was in good condition as well, with no blow out spots or instant smearing of the rubber. With that said, the laces did rip apart quite fast, which isn’t the biggest deal since most shoes face that problem. But if the laces were positioned higher and away from the usual attacking points, the lifespan would be increased and be a good design feature to elevate the durability features.

Emerica Reynolds G6 9

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