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Adidas Busenitz Pro

Here’s the second project that I was referring to all the time but couldn’t talk about until now. The Adidas Busenitz Pro.

Thanks to the German “Sneakers Magazine” and Jascha Muller, the Global
Sports Marketing Manager of Adidas, I’m able to test a pair before the actual release in July.

I received the shoes yesterday and what can I say…they are amazing! Design, the used materials, the fit … all is on point! The finished review will be published in #3 of  ” Sneakers Magazine” as part of their skate shoe special in that issue. It will be for sale around the end of June. Since the review will be in German, all English speaking readers must wait a bit longer, but I’ll definitely post a translated version here on weartested as soon as I can.

Unfortunately I’m not allowed to post pics yet, for those who haven’t seen them yet here’s a picture from

  • Bigfoot
    May 29, 2009

    Those look SICK!
    Could you possibly do a review of the Vox Ricky Oyola’s after these and the Vikings?
    If you can thanks.

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