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What’s next? This time you decide!

For my next review in German Place Magazine we came up with something special: You decide which shoe will be reviewed! Since all my Place reviews are translated and posted on as well, international readers are invited to vote, too.

It’s very easy to join:

1. Go to Place Skateboarding to read the article and have a look at the models.

2. Go to the Place Facebook page .

3. Write a comment under the corresponding post (“Made for Skate Shoe review -What’s next?- “) with the name of the model you’d like to be reviewed next.

Here are the 3 options:

DC Tonic:

DC Tonic

Habitat Garcia Vulc:

Habitat Garcia

Gravis Arto Mid:

Arto Mid



1 Comment
  • purdy
    February 25, 2012

    skip the tonic and go for the cole lite se since its very similar except has more tech

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